Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Favorites

Last week, I wrote about the Mailbox app. I've been using it for the past couple of days now, and I LOVE IT. Seriously. I do procrastinate a bit, but hey, who cares.

I love adding links to my FF that I get in the mail, but I hate the e-mails that are left during the week. Mailbox comes to the rescue, because I just set them on a timer! Amazing.

First, some shameless plugging. My for sale page has been updated, as well as my DaWanda store and my Etsy store. I've been doing lots of product photography this week, so I'm hoping to add more stuff this weekend.

I've found this great blog, observando. It's kinda like PostSecret, but not really. I love this picture:
Holly from Decor8 is quite awesome, and I love reading her blog. This week she wrote an article about collaborations.

Shauna wrote a fabulous article on connecting online.

And Sarah Wilson, well, she just rocks.

Hope you enjoyed the links! Have you read some fab things this week? Share in the comments and I will put the link in the next Friday Favorites!

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