Saturday, March 9, 2013

Shop update

Things are slowly moving into another direction in my shop. I've rediscovered my love for paper goods, and mostly handmade, so that's what I'll be doing mostly from now on. I still have some jewelry and accessories that will be added, but once everything's sold, I will only be doing paper goods!

You can find me on DaWanda and on Etsy. You can pay with paypal in both stores, but you can also use your bank account on DaWanda if that's easier! If you see something on Etsy that's not on DaWanda and you prefer DaWanda, please let me know and I'll add it so you can purchase it there!

Here are some previews, you can find the items in my store! More items will be added in the coming week (I've made around 50 listings that still need to be added!).

Mini envelopes:

Square envelopes:


Gift labels:

And more! But you'll have to see for yourself ;-)

As I said, more stuff will be added, so keep an eye on my Facebook page or Twitter for updates!

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