Friday, April 26, 2013


Today I spend most of my day making mini flags out of toothpicks and masking tape (which I'll be using for packaging, but also for something new for my shop). I used the idea from this website.

Jamie always loves if when I'm working from the couch (whether it's working on my laptop or cutting envelopes) because that means he can lay really close to me.

I've also started working on my own shop (which I will launch hopefully soon), plus some other stuff.

I've been freaking out a lot lately, because there are so many uncertainties in my life right now (shop, blog, no work, unemployment benefits), but when even Jamie Cullum admitted he was scared shitless at times, I felt a bit relieved.

Because you read all these fabulous stories on the internet, bloggers who are working for themselves, shop owners who can quit their day job etc. But you never hear the stories of them being scared, insecure and freaking out. Wouldn't it be lovely to hear everyone agree that sometimes life really is scary? Or am I the only one?

But then I get my head together, try to make that little voice in my head to shut up and work my ass off.

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