Sunday, June 9, 2013

Counting my blessings

The past weeks I've been really counting my blessings. I've been very busy getting ready for last week's Home Made Market (which was a great success!), and the past week I've just been enjoying the (somewhat) peace and quiet. 

Jamie was very happy that I was on the couch a lot, he is always by my side, so cute. 

This dude is always by my side.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and even though I have major hayfever (thank goodness for medication!), I got to enjoy my first 5k walk since April! It was just so beautiful outside. 

Saturday walk <3

I finally hung my pompoms and they make me so happy! Bright colors is just what I need! 

Just put up my pompoms and I love it! #ABeautifulMess

How was your week? 

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