Wednesday, July 24, 2013

For Sale!

You may have seen my "for sale" page on my blog. This is where I sell stuff that doesn't fit in my DaWanda or Etsy stores. I'm in the process of sorting out all the stuff we have, so this page will be regularly updated.

I've now only got one Filofax for sale, my personal Domino in purple. All the others are now sold! So if you get this Filofax, you'll get all my extra inserts, which is a lot. This one is sold now!

My shop on DaWanda is my current favorite and that is also because they have just updated the website with a gorgeous new design.

I'm working on getting all my items on there, and am slowly moving away from Etsy. There will always be items in my Etsy store, but I (secretly) prefer DaWanda.

You can now also find my Affiliate links on my "I love..." page. These are products I love and promote. If you buy through my links, I will get a percentage of the profit.

If you see anything you like, here or in my shops, and there's no shipping option to your country or if you would like to have a customized order, please let me know. You can e-mail me through deligtedblog(at)gmail(dot)com.


  1. I've been considering opening a Dawanda store myself, but am not sure. What are the things you like about it best?

    1. I love that you can have more of a front page, you can add your facebook and website on the front page. I like the design more than Etsy, because the product photos are bigger. It's so easy to add things. I like that you can easily add a "sale" page whereas with Etsy you have to change the prices. It's also easy that people can chose "bank transfer", so they don't have to have a paypal account.

      The only negatives I have are the statistics (only showing pageviews & visitors, not detailed like Etsy) and the fact that you can't add a voucher code.

      Hope that helps! If you have any other questions, please let me know!

    2. Thank you so much for the detailed info. Do you think you get more sales on Dawanda than Etsy? Also, I think the fees are higher, right? I believe etsy had the lowest ones. I remember folksy being the most expensive one...

      The stats thing really sucks, as I use it all the time for tracking traffic. And I've only started with the voucher thingy, it's quite practical and easy to set up.

    3. Both have the same sales, although here in Holland, Etsy is more known.
      Dawanda fees are 5% of your sales price and free for adding items, whereas Etsy has 3.5% plus the $0.20 fee for adding an item.