Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Planner failure?

I've recently sold all my Filofaxes (apart from my pocket Malden, which is still for sale!) and I've been in a planner rut the past months.

I designed my own planner, which I absolutely love, but I hardly ever use it. It's in an A4 binder:

First I added a list of books I've read from July 1st.

This is a monthly view:

I've added a to do list for the month:

And then my weekly pages, kind of inspired by the diary pages from Philofaxy.

I use this mini planner to go in my purse because of course I don't carry my A4 around with me. I did a full review here

I also use my Traveler's Notebook as a sidekick. You can read about that here

But there's the thing, I may be using too many systems. I like the space in the A4 planner, the fact that I carry around the small planner but I never look in them. I don't know what to do. I don't have any money to spend on a new planner, and I really don't want to because I think I have a good system but I'm just in a rut. 

Do you know how to help me?


  1. I would use the Midori as a planner too, so you wouldn't have to use the blue one. Add the lists from the A4 and you have everything in one planner. You could use the A4 for printed articles you want to read, recipes, etc.

    1. Just made four weekly pages (similar as the Moleskine planner) to test it out for a month! Will do an update post then!

  2. I hear you. It's hard to maintain two planner systems simultaneously unless you synchronize your systems daily. Also, where do you write to-do lists? Where do you record future appointments? Where do you look every day to know what you need to do and what's coming up? You need to make sure you consistently write things in the same location each time.

    This system can work, of course, but you might not be paying enough attention to it. A closed planner is a dead planner!

    Something to keep in mind: keep information and lists where you need them. This includes capture and implementation. For example, if you think of things you need to do while you are out and about, but you write those in your A4 that stays at home, it's a problem. You can capture that information in your Traveler's Notebook, which is fine, but think about whether you are capturing the information in a way that you can use it right away, or do you have to process it and transfer it into your A4 at home? I recommend capturing information in one place without transferring it anywhere. The more steps involved and the more complicated it is, the less likely you are to use it. Make it easy on yourself to use.

    1. I've just made four weekly pages in my Midori and will see how that works. I can then keep my to do's, notes & planning in one book and add my Moleskine for daily planning. That part has worked well until I switched, so going back to that!

      Thanks for your comment, Laurie, this has helped me a lot!

  3. I'm just a rookie, but I agree. Too many systems would either confuse and/or overwhelm me.. And then the whole system would definitely lose me! My only thought is to delegate different tasks/purposes to each planner, if you have more than one. As for me, I would just as soon carry an A5 in my purse, no matter how big, because it would be my main "go to"... (and it just so happens I like big bags anyways!) But whatever the case, I hope you find your way, out of this rut soon, to rediscover the magic that brought you to Filofax in the first place... Have a great weekend! ~tina

    1. Thanks for your comment, Tina! I'm going back to my Midori, to see if that works. Only making 4 weeks of planning, so I can try that out.