Monday, October 21, 2013

Counting my blessings

I'm trying to start with positive things again, so that means a weekly Count your blessings post!

First off, I have a new phone, so my photos are scattered on two computers (one Mac and one Windows). That means some of the photos aren't necessarily from the past week.

This photo is from Saturday, Jamie was hiding under the covers and I thought it was hilarious.

We painted one wall in our living room blue and it cheers me up to no end. Our house is still for sale but with the bad housing market, I decided to make the best out of living here, so we painted the wall.

I've been walking quite a bit and since Fall has started, we keep seeing all these mushrooms everywhere. It's so beautiful to see nature change!

That's it for this week, how was your week?

As usual, you can find more CYB at Zilverblauw.

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