Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Deligted shop!

I thought I'd post an update on my shop, so here goes.

For example, the Christmas version of the "party in an envelope". With this you'll add a bit extra to your Christmas card. 

Each set has two mini garlands and a small bag of handmade angels & stars confetti. Of course it's also available on Etsy

These two items will end in just 4 days, and they won't make it back to the shop.

This cute brooch is available for just €1,95, so it makes a perfect stocking filler!

For the more spiritual ones, there is this handsome buddha phone charm (which can also be used as a keychain or added to your Filofax!). It's only €1,50 so another great stocking filler. Get it here.

You have only two days left for the "explore" discount on DaWanda. If you've never bought a thing in my DaWanda store, you can now shop with a whopping 15% discount! Check out my whole shop here.

Have fun shopping!

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