Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Counting my blessings

Sometimes I have a hard time looking at the positive things in life, just because my days almost always look the same and I keep getting rejection after rejection. Being without a job doesn't make life easier.

But, I've had some fun days the past week and it's always nice to try and look on the positive side of life.

I went to Bristol (for those who don't know this, I've lived in Bristol for 3 months 5 years ago) with a friend, for a long weekend of fun, shopping and a Jamie Cullum gig.

This is me with Jamie's saxophonist, Tom Richards. He's such a sweet guy, it's always fun to see him again.

I got a picture of Jamie the cat signed by Jamie Cullum. Because Jamie the cat is named after Jamie Cullum.

And this is me with Jamie Cullum. It was 1am when this picture was taken, so excuse the weirdness. Haha. It was taken with my Instax Camera and of course Jamie thought it was necessary to make a peace sign, because it's a Japanese camera.

We went for dinner at an Italian restaurant (Bella's Italia for those who know a bit about Bristol) and got this cute little pie for desert. Yes, that is a teaspoon next to it! It was delicious, though! 

The past weekend I had a stall at the flea market and when I was packing stuff, I put down a moving box and turned around. Two seconds later this happened. So funny!

That was my week! Hope you had a great week, too. More CYB can be found on Zilverblauw.

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