Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Product review: Philosophy's "Kiss me tonight"

I'm addicted to lip balms. I must have tons of them, and everywhere you look, you can find at least one. I keep several in my bag, but also on my desk, in the bathroom, on my night stand, you name it.

Normally, I don't spend more than €10 on a lip balm. But since I had a €10 voucher, I decided to splurge on something. What could be more perfect for me than a lip balm? My lips crack when it's September and I always have dry lips. The Philosophy lip balm is €13,68 in Holland.

I've read many fabulous reviews on Philosophy (hello, Oprah?), so I decided to go for that. And I haven't regretted it since.

It comes in a little box (so cute!). And when you open the little box, you'll see this: 

The lipbalm itself is perfect, you'll only need just a tiny bit to moisturize your lips. I use it two to three times a day and my lips are softer than they've ever been. Amazing.

I also got two samples of "Hope in a jar", a day and a night cream. Pretty excited to try these out!

You can buy Philosophy on Amazon if you're in the US, at ICI Paris XL if you're in Holland and also on Amazon for the UK.

NB: As you may have read, I'm not compensated for this review. I bought it with my own money and fell in love with this product.

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