Wednesday, December 25, 2013

40 days of walking

I thought I'd do an update on walking and that on Christmas day! Hope you won't eat too much and maybe it's a good idea to go outside and walk off those calories today!

The past two weeks have been hard. I've not been feeling well, and that also meant that I haven't enjoyed walking at all.

I have walked most days, and even though the weather was gorgeous, I didn't enjoy it. I felt like the emotions I had got even worse because of walking.

So, 40 days haven't worked out as expected, but I do plan on walking more than before I started this experiment. I spend a lot of my time inside, and I am someone who enjoys being in the confines of her house.

My idea is to go outside at least 4-6 times a week. I like to have one day a week where I can stay inside, sleep in, relax etc, so this suits me better. And when the weather is good and I feel better, I don't hate it, and I know it's better for me. So, here you go. Not the experiment ending I would've liked and the 40 days aren't over yet, but sometimes you need to adjust your goals as you go.

Have you started or are you planning to (a New Year's resolution maybe?)? I would love to hear your stories!


  1. You've done really well to persevere as long as you have - but there is nothing wrong with adjusting your goals if they're not working for you. I don't have any new year's result ions as such this year, but I am going to be continuing with my 101 in 1001 days challenge, and will be replacing one of the tasks. I don't know which one is going yet, but I am going to add in completing the 90 days of P90X3... that's going to be tough, but I know I'll feel better for it :-)

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. Good luck with 101 in 1001 days! I had to google what P90X3 was, but it looks good!