Monday, December 23, 2013

My planner for 2014

I thought I'd do an update on the planner I use currently. My set up from this year hasn't changed much. But, I bought an ARC planner from Staples a few weeks ago and it's perfect.

This is the front. 

When you open it. I added a couple of stickers and a folder, which has my business cards, some papers, a marker and a pen in it.

Then I have the page markers. They are fabulous and stick pretty well.

The tabs. The white stickers came with the tabs, I added the text. As you can see, I use my diary, then days, notes, to do and goals.

This is behind the dairy tab. I've made my own lay out as the Dutch Staples doesn't offer a calender for the ARC, but also because it annoys me so much that in standard planners, Saturday and Sunday are always so small compared to the rest of the week. I was inspired to use this lay out from Philofaxy. This is also what I used in my A5 Filofax.

I also have a small to do list added to my week. I use my pink marker to cross off the things I've done (or add a stamp to it).

This is last week:

This is this week, with the today marker.

Here you see my day planners. I use them on most days, I have only 3 months worth of days in my ARC, I plan to get rid of them monthly and then add another month.

I write down the day, the top of the page I use for appointments and then I add my to do's for that day.

Here you can see two blank days.

And this is the ARC to do page, I have several, as you can easily seperate your to do's because you can add a title on top of the page.

In the back I have another folder.

And in the back I added these pockets from Hema, which I also used in my Plannerism planner.

That's it! I've used this system all year and the only thing that I didn't like it that I had three notebooks to keep up to date. Now everything is in one place, which suits me better. I liked that from Filofax, but since I sold all my Filofaxes and the fact that they're so heavy, was the reason I decided to try this. You can make it as fat or slim as you want. I have to say that I added the 1 inch rings to them, as the standard rings that came with it, where a little too small (I could only have half a year of diary worth in it).

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