Monday, December 30, 2013

My planner week #1

I thought I'd start over again, since I started a new planner plus I haven't done these in ages!

Here is my week overview, sorry for all those blanks! 

Here's the first half of the week with my to do list. 

And here's the second half of the week. 

Last week was a weird week. I was supposed to go to Primark on Monday, but we found out we had a leak in the bathroom, so the plumber had to come by to fix it. On Tuesday I had a physiotherapist appointment and went shopping afterwards.

Wednesday and Thursday I spend on the couch because I had a stomach bug and felt horrible. Friday I was quite productive, did a lot of writing. The weekend was spend watching lots of Fringe (I am in love with Joshua Jackson, haha) and just general laziness.

The decorations I used:
  • The dog stickers came with Flow Magazine, I think. 
  • The gingerbread man, snow man and gift stickers came with the Christmas crackers, the masking tapes are from Hema and a gift set of Masking tape sheets. 
How was your week? 

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