Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New monthly box - NERD Block

I love monthly boxes and this one is not for me, but for my dude! 

It's a new box, called the Nerd Block. Nerd Block is a monthly box, filled with 4-6 goodies and a t-shirt and it's only $19.99 plus shipping. How cool is that? May be the perfect Christmas present for your nerd friends. 

Here's what was in the last box (which we received yesterday):

A Legolas doll (right in time for the new Hobbit movie!). 

Monster marbles. This one has a marble on the bottom so you can roll it around.

A Marvel toy - ours is Iron Man.

3 Crazy Bones toys including stickers. 

A LED watch. First picture shows what the watch looks like on your wrist, then you push the top button and it shows the time! Nifty!

And last but not least, a t-shirt. 

My dude is not only a nerd, but he also loves nerdy t-shirts, so of course he loves this box. But, it's obviously not only for men, but also for women! Hey, I loved the Legolas doll! 

You can subscribe here and if you do, you'll receive the January box! 

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