Sunday, December 29, 2013

Things I love page updated!

Just a small reminder that my "I love" page has been updated.

The "I love" page contains links where, if you buy things through my links, I make a bit of money. I do this to support myself but they are also people and a business that I love.

You may know Sarah Wilson as the host of the first season of Australia's Masterchef. Right now she's kicking ass with her "I quit sugar" program and books. I love her writing style, personality and the I quit sugar program is not a diet, but a life style.

For all the affiliate links - click here.

Right now, there's a Christmas deal, this will end on December 31st. This is a great deal, so click here to buy the Christmas and Chocolate Cookbook Bundle for only $30 AUSD.

Leonie Dawson has an amazing and inspiring blog and each year, she writes the Amazing Life & Business workbooks. I did this last year and am doing it again this year. The workbooks are fabulous to help you make your dreams come true.

Click here to buy the workbooks!

The Book Depository is one of my favorite online book stores. Not only are the books cheaper than from Amazon (most of the times), they also don't charge for shipping. It's amazing. Shipping does take a bit longer, but hey, I don't even mind.

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