Wednesday, January 8, 2014

US Foodz - what I bought

A slight warning, if you're on a diet or hungry, this post may harm you ;)

I discovered US Foodz throught Teske's blog (sorry, in Dutch only) and decided I had to get myself some American snacks.

And so here it is, our whole lot.

Combo's pizza flavor, Kraft Mac & Cheese, a Whatchamacallit, pop tarts and Reese's sticks. 

Wonka's Nerd's rope, Rainbow nerds and Very Berry and a Wonka Laffy Taffy:

Reese's pieces (OMG so delicious, the only thing I've tried so far), Super Mario Bros 3Dees sour gummy's, Mini Chips Ahoy and a Reese's big cup (I love Reese's).

Mike & Ike Original Fruits, Rice Krispies Treats, a Hershey's bar (cookies & creme) and Combo's Jalapeno flavor (my dude loved these).

Lucky charms, Pringles Cheddar Cheese, Campfire Marshmallows (for in the hot chocolate) and sour mix Jelly Belly's.

And these were extras in the box, Footies. Tried two of these, so yumm!

I will most definitely order again from them! I've ordered small versions this time, just to try some stuff out, so we're making a list of likes and dislikes for the next time.

Note: your order has to be higher than €30, as they're offering free shipping in Europe and don't want you to waste money on shipping when you can spend it on delicious stuff.

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  1. Kraft Mac n Cheese is the best mac n cheese. It is my favorite thing to make for myself. Enjoy!!!