Saturday, February 1, 2014

Plog 31 January 2014

In Holland, plogging is really hot at the moment. It started with Martine, and now it kinda exploded. I do ditl (day in the life) once in a while, so I thought I'd post it here too.

So here is yesterday, January 31st.

It's dark out, and early. I start my mornings with tea (mostly green tea) and yoghurt with granola and fruit. 

And I read my blogs.

But today I have a doctor's appointment so I have to leave. I wear my new Nikes. So comfy.

Obligatory lift selfie.

Taking photos whilst walking is hard.

Tried to sneak a time check but again, walking and taking photos. Not a good combo.

My appointment took a whole lot of 5 minutes and the wait at the pharmacy was 30 minutes. It's light out!

A whole bunch of medications, the papers from my bag and a newspaper.

Jamie feels the need to inspect it all.


Twitter, youtubing and trying to wake up.

I recently discovered Nicole Guerriero, and I love her.

Jamie joins me. He is kind of a stalker cat.

Taking a look at my day planner (this is how I plan my weekdays).

And setting up a new format for next week.

Another coffee and a cheese-union bun.

Ugh, messy kitchen.

Lunch making!

One banana, two eggs = banana egg pancakes! Added blueberries and maple syrup, yummm.

Time check. Whilst eating lunch, I watched 1.5 episodes of Hostages.

Two apples, cinnamon and sugar = apple chips. Finished product missing, though.

More messy kitchen, before.

Clean kitchen, after.

But really I'm procrastinating because I don't wanna crunch numbers. They make my head hurt.

And at 3.30 pm I decided to take a book-break.

And then my battery died. You missed dinner (lasagne) and now I'm bumming on the couch watching tons of youtube videos.

Jamie joins me.

Sophie Dahl tweets about her new website, so I check it out. The make up video is fab. She is gorgeous! 

I end the night in sepia, with playing with Jamie. I throw snacks to him and he finds them. It's hilarious.

I hope you liked my day!

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