Saturday, March 8, 2014

Books read in February

I thought I'd do an update about the books I read the past month. I started writing for the Dutch website Leesfanaten, so I read two books for them. Only one English book on the list, that's rare! I'll list the English titles as well.

Halverwege het graf (Halfway to the grave) - Jeaniene Frost
I did a review on my Dutch book blog, you can find that here.
A short review: Basically a Twilight for adults, because it's got vampires and sex. The first book in a series, but even though I liked the book, it didn't really got me into reading the next books. 

Een echte dame (If the shoe fits) - Megan Mulry
My first review for Leesfanaten. Read my Dutch review here
A short review: A proper chicklit, not much depth in the characters, although I did like the fact that the main lady is a shoe entrepeneur, but it was an okay read. Best to read by the pool.

Moon River - J.R. Rain
I've started reading J.R. Rain when I first got my Kindle. This was the first book I bought for my Kindle and I don't think I've bought any other books than from J.R. Rain. It's the last book in the Vampire for Hire series, which is about Samantha Moon, a PI who's also a mum and a vampire. She has fabulous cases, but also deals with insane vampire stuff and of course everything as a mum. It's hilarious, it's about vampire's and it's awesome.

Debet - Saskia Noort
Dutch book by a Dutch writer.
This is the sequel to "De Eetclub" and it's really gripping. I think I finished this book within a weekend. 

Illusie (Angel Killer) - Andrew Mayne
Second review for Leesfanaten, read my review here
A short review: Andrew Mayne is an illusionist (hello gorgeous, by the way!) and he writes stories based on magic tricks. It's basically a thriller with several insane twists. I loved it.

Onmacht - Charles den Tex
Another Dutch book by a Dutch writer.
This one was a short story, about a husband and wife who live together but they've grown apart. The woman wants a divorce, but then suddenly something murderous happens. Quite a good little book, I finished it in one night. 

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