Monday, March 10, 2014

Walking update

I haven't done a walking update in a while and things have changed. Not only my diet has changed (which I will write about at some point), but I'm also exercising more.

Today, we hit a record, not only with the temperature (it was the warmest March 10th EVER), but also with our distance.

We (and by that I mean my mother and I) have been walking once or twice a week since the end of January, I think. We're training to walk 10k in April. Today, with the heath, we did a great 9k in 2 hrs. 2 hrs of non-stop walking. I don't think I ever thought I could do this.

It was warm, too warm maybe, and we didn't bring drinks. WORST ever. I feel my legs and I'm exhausted, but hey, we did walk 9k.

Currently, I walk about 3 times a week, always between 6 and 9k. When I reach that level of 10k, I want to start running. I've been running on and off for the past years now, and I miss it. Sadly, due to my burnout and depression, plus having no job, I gained a lot of weight, and so running at the moment isn't a wise thing to do due to injuries. I hope, come April, my body will have adjusted and I can slowly start running again.

Are there any walkers/runners amongst my readers? How are you keeping up with your schedule?

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