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These are all my affiliate links. I love Sarah Wilson's I quit sugar program. You can get all the books here, if you buy through the links, I will get a percentage of the amount you spend. You can read my review of the first book here, the review of the cookbook here, a review of the I quit sugar chocolate cookbook here and read how I do it here.

  • The printed book - get it here
  • The 8 week program + ebook - get it here
  • The cookbook - get it here
  • The chocolate cookbook - get it here
  • The Kids Cookbook - get it here.
  • I Quit Sugar for life - get it here.
Start early with your planning for 2014 and make your dreams come true! The 2014 "Create your incredible business + life" workbook & calender can help you with it. Leonie Dawson is a fantastic teacher. You can read my review for the 2013 workbooks here.

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If you buy your books through the Book Depository, you'll not only save money but you don't have to pay for shipping either!

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